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The Top 100 Adoption Sites
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51 San Francisco Child Project
Assisting children waiting to be adopted.
52 Pact
Adoption services for children of color, as well as resources for all involved in the process.
53 Special Additions, Inc.
Provides assistance to parents hoping to expand their family through adoption, and to children who wait here in the U.S. and worldwide.
54 Bright Futures Adoption Center
Nonprofit agency specializing in the open adoption of infants. Based in Massachusetts.
55 Family Network, Inc.
Not-for-profit organization offering international and national domestic placements.
56 Nine Months Adoptions
Licensed nonprofit adoption agency providing a full range of services to adoptive families and birth parents nationwide.
57 Adoption Access of Texas
Agency focusing on counseling for birthmothers before, during, and after placement.
58 Adoption Center of Choice
Serving adoptive families and birthparents nationwide.
59 Methodist Mission Home Adoption & Family Services
Assists birth parents and adoptive parents to facilitate open adoptions. Offering domestic and international choices.
60 Homes of Hope Foster Family Agency
Rrivate nonprofit agency dedicated to placing abused and neglected children in certified foster homes.
61 Open Adoption and Family Services, Inc.
A nonprofit adoption agency that supports birth and adoptive parents in making decisions about parenthood, and specializes in facilitating open adoptions.
62 Mississippi Children's Home Society
Offers comprehensive services to birth parents, adoptees and adoptive parents.
63 Los Niños International Adoption
Networks with other adoption agencies who conduct pre- and post-placement studies throughout the United States.
64 Adoptlink
Nationwide adoption networking service linking prospective adoptive parents to adoption professionals who are seeking families for existing qualified adoption situations, both domestic and abroad.
65 Adopt.Net
Established to provide an informational network for birthparents, adoptive parents, and professionals who assist them.
66 Adoption Associates, Inc
Michigan infant placement agency.

Adoption Centre of Kansas, Inc.
Offers services to birthparents as well adoptive parents.

68 Keane Center for Adoption
Provides information and assistance to birth and adoptive parents and families.
69 Adoption Choices
Emphasizes interstate infant adoptions. Includes book and parents needed listings.
70 Hopes Promise
A licensed nonprofit intercountry adoption agency.
71 Adoption Network
Offers confidential adoption services to birth mothers and adoptive couples.
72 American Adoptions
Nonprofit agency working with clients across the United States.
73 The Florence Crittenton League
Nonprofit, non-sectarian social service agency offering information, support, and professional services to young pregnant women, their families, and potential adoptive parents.
74 The Cradle
A nonprofit adoption agency that provides information on adoption and parenting.
75 Center for Family Building, Inc.
Licensed adoption agency with a progressive, enlightened outlook.

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