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The Top 100 Adoption Sites
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26 Harmony Adoptions of Tennessee 
Provides birth mother counseling and domestic and international adoption services. The IAA training program serves to educate professionals.
27 State Foster Care Specialists
Examine an alphabetical list of US state foster care specialists. Includes contact information.
28 Adoption News
Adoption agency ratings, news articles, and medical publications for prospective adoptive parents. A great resource!
29 Karens Adoption Links
extraordinarily comprehensive!
30 Adoption Blessings Newsletter
Testimonies of God's grace, hope, and healing by adoptees, birth parents, and anyone whose lives have been touched by adoption, adoption search, and adoption reunion.
31 Hope International
Hope International is a licensed, non-profit international adoption agency providing adoption assistance throughout each step of the adoption process.
32 TLA Adoptions
I like the available situations posted and they are updated more often than others.
33 BirthmotherBuds
Great site for birthparents, Lots of links, features a birthmom buddy system, one on one support, and the creators are WONDERFUL!!!
34 Carolina Hope Christian Adoption Agency
Create families through international adoptions and provides a godly model through humanitarian assistance to orphans. Countries include: Azerbaijan, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Romania, Ukraine, and Vietnam.
35 Premier Adoption Agency
A non profit adoption agency licensed in Utah but help families nation/worldwide.
36 Adoption Online
Well designed site with great information. Perfect for prospective birthparents and prospective adoptive families alike!
37 ichild
an internet based, world-wide support group & source of information, inspiration & resources for those interested in adoption from India. You will find agency listings, information on the process of adopting from India, a variety of ICHILD e-mail lists, and much more.
38 Adoption Knowledge Affiliates
A non-profit organization offering support, services, and community to those touched by adoption. Includes contact details.
39 Nancy Thomas Parenting
Providing help for each wounded child and hope for each wounded parent. Parenting techniques  have been honed on some of the most disturbed children in the United States.
40 Adoption Connection
Great site that offers help and information from pre-adoption, through adoption, to post adoption joys and tribulations.
41 Adoption Online
Well designed site with great information. Perfect for prospective birthparents and prospective adoptive families alike!
42 Dillon International
Placing Internationally-Born Infants and Children with U.S. Families in All 50 States and Overseas Since 1972.
43 Tasha & Her Sisters
Not an agency but free help site to make adoption as smooth as possible.
44 Small Miracles
Small Miracles is a licensed, non-profit adoption agency working nationally and internationally placing children with approved adoptive families throughout the United States.
45 Adoption Reunion A Success Story
Read about people's reunions with their birth parents, write about your own and check out links from the adoption ring.
46 Adoption At BellaOnline
General information for anyone whose life is touched by adoption.
47 Lets Talk Adoption
with Mardie Caldwell. Informative adoption talk radio serving the adoption community, Listen on the Internet, subscribe to our Adoption newsletter. Adoption professionals, adopting a child, laws, birth parent search, financing, open adoption.
48 Hope Adoption and Family Services
Provides adoption studies for U.S. and international adoption, help with independent and designated adoption, birth parent counseling, post placement services.
49 Great Wall China Adoption
A non-profit agency that is proud to say that their adoption cost is the one of the lowest of all China adoption programs. Their philosophy is that the lower fee they charge, more families can afford it.
50 Adopt Illinois - Family Resource Center
Provides services to help adoptive children, adoptive parents, and birth parents through the adoption process. Also provides international adoptions in China and the Ukraine.

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